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Update 1
Welcome to Sharn

Our adventure opens on a train that is en route to Sharn, the City of Towers, a few months after the signing of the Treaty of Thronehold which brought the cataclysmic Last War to a close. Victor, a Warforged who was hired on as a guard, and Helios, a passenger where both on the same car when they noticed a disturbance. A human woman and her halfling ally had just murdered another guard while attempting to abscond with an unknown item. As the guard fell to the floor Victor moved up to arrest the two assailants, who immediately fought back. Along with Helios’ add Victor managed to defeat the woman, after which the halfling escaped into the next car, carrying a burlap sack. When Helios and Victor followed the villain they were ambushed by more thugs. The two heroes defeated them, keeping most alive for interrogation, but the halfling rogue used the chaos to give himself just enough time to jump out of a window and on to a nearby airship.

Reinforcements, along with Victor’s boss, arrived but with the halfling long gone all they could do was arrest the surviving thugs and give Victor a harsh reprimand for letting the halfling escape with what was obviously a very valuable item. After the clean up two other passangers, the nobleborn warrior Darius and his drow ally Xakkan, wanted to know what all the commotion was about, and if they could offer any assistance. Victor informed them that the situation was firmly under control and that any more interference from passengers would only serve to land them in trouble. The rest of the trip passed by uneventfully.

As the train rolled into Sharn’s lower city and our heroes departed, Victor’s boss informed him that because he was still on probation that they would have to let him go pending his failure to reclaim the stolen property. Darius and Xakkan chimed in and managed to convince the lead guard that if Victor was able to get it back then he could have his job again. Before they could get their bearings in the huge city, Haftak Ir’clarn, a local journalist who had heard of the robbery interviewed the group. Figuring that since he technically wasn’t a guard anymore Victor had no problem divulging all of the details that he knew. After the interview Haftak offered the party a job: he was willing to pay 100 gold for information about a string of disappearances connected to creatures known as kruthik from a near by forge. He had previously run afoul of its owner, Molrec, and was not allowed back in, otherwise he would go himself. The party unanimously agreed and set out in the direction Haftak had given them.

The party found the forge without incident and were quickly lead in after explaining they had come to deal with the bug problem. Initially Molrec was not impressed by the group, but after explaining how Victor, Helios and Darius had all fought in the war, and that Xakkan was a master hunter among his people, Molrec relented and offered to pay them 100 gold if they destroyed the kruthik nest.

Following Molrec’s directions, the party descended into the Cogs, Sharn’s underbelly, and shortly came across signs of a recent struggle. Prepared for anything the party continued on until they came across an ancient tomb that the vile insects were using as their nest. Entering the first room they immediately found saw a huge pile of humanoid skulls, and then heard a skittering sound coming from the walls. A swarm of kruthik attacked them but they were defeated with very little effort. Exploring a bit Victor came across a leather pouch that had a healing potion, a set of keys, some coins, and a journal written in Goblin. They keys worked on the doors on the other side of the room so they continued deeper into the tomb.

The next room the party came across had a tightly locked door, two demonic statues, and a grid with depress-able rune marked tiles. As they tried to puzzle a way out Helios noticed that one of the statues could be moved, and that its eyes were in fact two very valuable gems. Just as Victor and Xakkan succeed in moving the statue they heard the familiar skittering sounds and readied themselves for battle. Darius, Victor and Xakken easily dispatched the first wave of kruthik. Confident his allies had everything under control Helios decided to help himself to some gems. Just has he pried the first one from the statue free, an imp appeared in the room and summoned elementals of fire and magma to attack the party just as another wave of kruthik poured in.

It was a hard fought battle, with Xakken strategically moving to save Darius and Helios from otherwise certain death, but in the end our heroes had overcome their foes. After which they agreed to a new rule: “Don’t touch anything.”


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